Sara is now offering editing services, time permitting. To have your work considered, please read through the following guidelines.

To be put on the waiting list for Sara B. Larson’s editing services, you will need to email her at SaraBLarson21 (at) gmail (dot) com. Sara will be in touch within three (3) business days if she is able to take on your project, to give you a time frame and send you a contract.

All projects must be submitted in a .doc/.docx file, double spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font (that is the standard for professional submission). Sara will use Track Changes in Word to make comments/edits. Turn around time for a query letter or synopsis is 2-4 days. Turn around for a manuscript critique is 1-3 weeks. (She will provide an estimate of time when she accepts your manuscript based on her current work load.)

Sara will provide all communication via email, and will reply promptly to communications (within reason). A critique will include some technical editing such as spelling, grammar, or punctuation–but will not be a full line edit. A critique will focus more on content: characterization, plot, timing/pacing, setting/world building, etc. She will notate anything that stands out to her while reading, and suggest possible fixes.

**Please remember that reading is subjective. Sara will let you know what she enjoyed about your work, and what can make it better, in her honest opinion. You may not like or agree with her interpretation and feedback. Her critique will be based on years of writing experience, working with agents and editors of publishing houses, and many, many reader critiques of her own work. She is doing this because she remembers exactly what it was like to be in your shoes, and she wants to help.

**Payment will be required in full, up front for query letters, synopsis critiques, and partial critiques. For a full manuscript critique, 50% deposit will be required via PayPal before beginning, and the other 50% will be due upon receipt of the full critique. Sara will NOT be able to offer a professional endorsement/blurb for any work that she has been paid to critique. Thank you for understanding.


Full Manuscript Critique (content critique with light line editing which will include an editorial letter and tracked changes within the document):   $.0125/word (1.25 cents/word) 50% due with contract, 50% due on receipt of edited manuscript.

Partial Manuscript Critique (content critique with light line editing which will include an editorial letter and tracked changes within the document UP TO 50 PAGES ONLY): $3.00/page Due in full prior to edit

Synopsis Critique: $40 per synopsis, up to 5 pages long, double spaced.

Query Critique: $25 per query, 1 page ONLY



If you have any questions or if you would like to secure your spot for Sara B. Larson’s editing services, please email her at SaraBLarson21 (at) or fill out this form with your information:


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