How do I request an ARC for review or schedule an interview/blog tour/appearance with you?

It’s always such a thrill to connect with bloggers, educators, book sellers, and readers across the country and world! I wish I could personally respond to everyone, but unfortunately, it’s just not possible. For publicity inquiries (interview/media requests) please contact my publicist: For review copy requests of Sisters of Shadow and Light, please email

Do you blurb books? If so, what do I do if I want you to blurb mine?

Yes, I definitely do blurb books! However, my time to do so is very limited. All requests must go through my agent, Josh Adams, who will then forward them on to me, if I’m currently able to read for you. I wish I had the time to read for everyone – I really do! But, if you want me to be able to keep publishing books, I can’t always get to them in time. It’s worth a shot though! You can reach Josh via email: josh (at) adamsliterary (dot) com .

Are you available to do school visits/book club visits/etc.?

Of course! I LOVE doing all sorts of visits, and have been lucky enough to meet so many wonderful educators, readers, students, bloggers, and more across the country. You can request a visit through my publicist (see above for her contact info). For school visits, you may email with your top three dates, your school/library/conference name, location/address, details about the day including the audience size and age-level, and your contact information. I love speaking with children, teenagers, and adults alike, and I hope to hear from you soon! You can also direct requests through my agent.